Achieve Control Over Global Vendor Spending

Real-time Visibility into Vendor Spend

Your TruSpend™ with Vendors by Category

Your Percentages of Spend by Category

Vendor Spend is Intuitively Visualized 

Custom Colors Show Where Spend is Increasing or Decreasing

Real-time Info you Need at your Fingertips

Your TruSpend™ Identifies:

Actual OEM Spend through a Maze of Resellers

Parent / Child Relationships or Vendor Rollups

Vendor Overlap in M&A


Share the same Source of Data Truth

Truly Collaborate Across the C-Suite

Make Decisions with More Confidence

Procurement IQ Delivers

Spend Optimization

Negotiation Leverage

Vendor Consolidation

Better Managed Spend

Point of View

A "System of Visualization” - Your Meta Data Reveals:

Vendor Risk

Diversity Scores

Contract Expiration

“Balance of Trade”

Strategic Vendor Ratings

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Optimizing Vendor Relationships:

Collaboration between IT & Procurement is Essential


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Collaborate Across the C-Suite



Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Eliminate Excess

Eliminate Excess

Identify Spend

Identify Spend

Remove Duplication

Remove Duplication

Identify Vendor Duplication

Identify Vendor Duplication

Negotiation Leverage

Negotiation Leverage

Reduce Monthly Expense

Reduce Monthly Expense

A 30 Minute Demo To Save Millions

About usBuilt for Corporate Leaders, by Corporate Leaders

CXO Nexus is bringing Visibility and Actionable clarity to what the Global 5000 is actually spending on their Vendors.

There are multiple causes that result in large distortions in a company’s ability to truly know what their spend with vendors is: legacy financial systems, human error, the sheer volume of transactions, a complicated channel of Resellers and VARs that conceal actual spend on OEMs, to name a few.

CXO Nexus delivers real-time, unbiased, AI-driven Visibility into true Vendor Spend, purpose-built for the C suite.

We PROMISE to increase the ability of organizational leaders to make informed decisions, accelerating their ability to act through prescriptive intel, reducing cost and risk to their company.

Large enterprises spend up to billions on Vendors, often more than 50% of their annual budgets. Shocking but true, the C suite and their teams lack visibility into what they spend with their Vendors for a myriad of reasons, including Vendor sales' practices (selling directly & through resellers), financial systems that do not provide the insight leadership needs, complex purchases and decentralized spending processes.

Enterprises leave a lot of money on the table and end up with poor negotiation leverage, redundant vendors and an inability to know when contracts expire. Lack of Vendor Spend visibility made it impossible to negotiate from strength, identify compliance risk, and eliminate excess.

Our Co-founder & CTO lived this PAIN while trying to shave 5-7% off the annual $800M spend with Information Technology (IT) Vendors when he held a leadership role at a Fortune 500 financial services firm. The challenges he faced could not be solved on a human scale. Leading him to develop an Intelligent Enterprise Solution, using AI and Machine Learning to deliver a real-time SaaS Solution.

Our marquee customers and world-class advisors attest strongly that we are solving a big pain point for Global 5000 leadership.
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Absolutely, It's a core part of CXO Nexus information security

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Yes, It is a core part of our defense-in-depth strategy

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