Accelerating the Intelligent Enterprise

AI-Based, Real-Time Vendor Spend Analytics

Named a Top 10 AI Platform for 2019

SAP ARIBA LIVE; Austin, TX 2019

SAP Ariba’s Chief Product Officer, Darren Koch, announced our new partnership and where CXO Nexus Chief Executive Officer, Ken Male, joined him on the main stage during his keynote.

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Mike Azarian, former Citibank Chief Information Officer

“CXO Nexus is the next generation product to front-end all of your in-place Financial and Vendor Management solutions.”

We build Intuitive Intelligence systems that provide enterprise leaders with transparent, timely and prescriptive insights.

We empower our customers to make increasingly smarter and faster decisions with less risk, using our trustworthy solutions that increase enterprise collaboration.

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All Organizations Lack Visibility Into Vendor Spend

Our team experienced this pain first hand inside a Fortune 250 firm.

So we developed a solution that categorizes and visualizes Vendor Spend by C suite function

Identify Expense Reduction Opportunities

A Platform for Cross Business Collaboration

Real Time Visibility into Vendor Spend with the AI based Visual Fusion Engine™

Optimize Spend with Intelligent Analytics

Leverage Peer based Market Insight

The Meeting Place where Leaders Connect, Collaborate and Reduce Risk in your most important decisions.
The Source to help you Leverage Intel, creating Signal out of all of the Noise that is your Spend Data.

We increase the ability of organizational leaders to make informed decisions, accelerating their ability to act through PRESCRIPTIVE INTEL, reducing cost and risk to your company.

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