• Optimize spend, fund innovation

  • Unmask reseller spend

  • Reveal rogue spend

  • Agnostic to all financial systems

  • ROI in weeks, with no FTEs required

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Actual Customer Findings:

>10x ROI in 1 month

“CXO Nexus is a game-changer”
– Mike Azarian, former CITI CIO

$750K Saved in 1 month

“With this visibility our buying power is no longer diluted.”
– Bruce Starr, BNYMellon

$197M in Hidden Spend Revealed

"We can now course-correct and educate on Rogue Spend.”
– Greg Tennyson, VSP

47% of IT Spend was Hidden

“Drilling into true OEM spend, directly and with resellers, provides a holistic view.”
– Greg Tennyson, VSP

Optimize Spend. Reduce Costs. Fund Innovation.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning automate the cleansing, classifying & categorizing of vendor spend data.


No FTE’s or expensive consultants; works with all financial systems.


Automation delivers results in as few as 10 business days.


Intelligent Spend in Action

Learn more about how CXO Nexus is automating the cleansing, classification & categorization of Nasdaq's vendor spend.

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2020 Procurement Webinar

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Optimizing Vendor Relationships

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