Augmented Data

Confident that your IT Vendor Spend Data is ready for optimization, consolidation, and collaboration?

Challenges your peers share:


  • Knowing actual OEM spend and parentage due to complex product portfolios and purchasing through resellers
  • Impossible to categorize IT Spend at human scale
  • Unmanaged / Rogue Spend is difficult to identify
  • Existing financial systems don’t provide the necessary line of sight
  • Manual, point-in-time exercises do not scale

AI for Spend Data

Vince Totoro outlines how mining spend data delivers valuble insights.

The Augmented Data Solution

IT Vendor Spend is continuously run through the AI & ML Intelligent Fusion Engine™ (IFE™)

Learn how CXO Nexus Augmented Data solves the issues in an automated manner, requires no FTEs or consultants and is an overlay to all existing ERP and Financial Systems. Companies can easily integrate the Vendor Spend data into internal data analytics and third-party tool sets. Delivering time to value in weeks.

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Formerly at


Machines are only as smart as the business problems you ask.

Our World-class subject matter experts work closely with our data scientists and developers to provide C-suite perspectives for optimal Machine Learning.

Vince Totoro leads the CXO Nexus Augmented Data and Global Integration efforts

  • Former Technology CFO at JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley
  • Global Financial Planning & Analysis for Technology
  • Extensive TBM knowledge
  • Improves customers’ financial taxonomies

Businesses lose up to 20% of revenue because of bad data


97% of company data is low quality

Steps to get started:

  • Normalize, categorize and enrich each line item of your IT spend, historically and ongoing.
  • Eliminate redundancies and human error across all data sets and financial systems.

If you can’t do this easily or quickly, we can help.

Find what’s hiding in your data in just 2 weeks

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Potential Benefits

An example of how we impact our customers’ performance.

Evaluation Scope: Results:*
Net savings*$15.29 M
EPS Impact$0.021
Market Cap Impact**$598.7 M

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Notes: ROI is for year 1.  Future ROI depends on company specifics.  EPS Impact is after accounting for assumed tax rate