CXO Nexus Closes Its Series A Funding

April 1, 2019 CXO Nexus Announces the Close of Its Series A Funding Round with Edenbrook Capital New York CXO Nexus, the company that accelerates the Intelligent Enterprise by applying AI & Machine Learning to Financial Systems of record, announced today it has completed its Series A round of financing with Edenbrook Capital, LLC. The ….

CxO NExUS and Open Spectrum partner for IT spending insights, data centre placements

Gaining more traction, our CxO NExUS partnership with data centre consultancy Open Spectrum press release is now up on Structure research. You can download a tree pdf copy here on our site as well.

CxO NExUS has partnered with the Technology Business Management (TBM) Council

CxO NExUS has partnered with the Technology Business Management (TBM) Council, a network of the most distinguished leaders in IT, to cultivate insights and report on trends impacting the IT field. Developed through extensive qualitative and quantitative research, peer assessment, market analysis, and expert insights, CxO NExUS research surpasses the current industry standard by supplying future-facing insights to help C-Suite professionals make informed decisions.

Partnership with Open Spectrum

CxO NExUS today announced its partnership with Open Spectrum, a Data Center Marketplace Consulting Firm who works with Buyers, Sellers, and Investors in Mission Critical Infrastructure around the world. Open Spectrum’s clients can now leverage CxO NExUS’ platform to enable the C suite to save money on vendor spend, eliminate vendor sprawl, and compare IT category spend to peers.