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SAP Business Network Application Extension Partner

CXO Nexus is the first non-SAP owned entity to be a member of the SAP Business Network enabling API access to SAP clients that leverage the platform.

CEO, Ken Male, was on the main stage of the Keynote Talk by Chief Product Officer, Darren Koch, during the SAP Ariba Live show in Austin in April. We showcased how CXO Nexus’ functionality makes SAP Ariba data actionable and usable for the C suite.   Learn More

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is a featured Reseller of our

CIO InCight™ Dashboard

Now available on the SAP App Center  

We are proud to be part of SAP Ariba as an Application Extension Partner. Announcing our first dashboard product available now at the SAP App Center, CIO InCight™.

Available on the SAP App Center

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CXO Nexus has partnered with the Technology Business Management (TBM) Council, a network of the most distinguished leaders in IT, to cultivate insights and report on trends impacting the IT field.

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Developed through extensive qualitative and quantitative research, peer assessment, market analysis, and expert insights, CXO Nexus research surpasses the current industry standard by supplying future-facing insights to help CIOs and other C-Suite professionals make informed decisions.

TBM Council-backed CXO Nexus research topics include the forthcoming development of an IT Spending Index, which will also highlight projections based on market data, CIO-targeted technology road maps to highlight trends in infrastructure, IoT, Machine Learning and other growing fields, vendor performance analysis via a “Vendor Confidence Index,” and additional research based on timely and relevant topics in the IT landscape. By using insights generated from our suite of tools paired with insights from the experts in the field, CXO Nexus will continue to develop research programs in an effort to become the primary source of IT and MarTech industry analysis.