The Visual Fusion Engine (VFE)™


The Visual Fusion Engine (VFE):
The Heart of CxO NExUS

The VFE lets Global 5000 C-Suite to pull vendor insights from hundreds of thousands of unique data sources in real time, giving executives a holistic understanding of company spend. Drill down options allow the C-Suite to analyze anomalies more deeply and make decisions based on these insights. Our VFE technology applies advanced Machine Learning to data analysis, providing accurate representations of company and category spend.

Providing Data as a Service for the C-Suite

The Challenge:
An Incomplete View of Vendor Activities and Impact on Company Spend

In speaking with dozens of C-suite industry experts, we learned that by far their biggest challenges in understanding and analyzing corporate spend was drawing contextual insights from highly complex data sets.

We knew we could solve these issues by allowing executives to sort and manage this data in accordance with their needs within the structure of a visually intuitive tool. Instead of relying on manual inputs, we created a tool that sources data directly from the source. By accessing the category and vendor spend data from the financial systems of record, we can extract that information and present it to busy executives simply and accurately.

The Objective:
Create a Tool to Meet the Needs of the C-Suite

Manually generating insights from thousands of data points across hundreds of vendor purchase requisitions is a nearly impossible task. So, we developed an array of Machine Learning programs that properly recognize, organize, and classify data obtained from a variety of widely varying formats, sourced directly from companies’ accounts payable systems. To this end, we also incorporated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to apply to PDF’s, documents and images, allowing us to assess data from images in addition to text.

By leveraging deep learning and neural networks, we created programs that can intelligently draw data from each of these sources to easily identify company-wide spend trends and patterns. Our approach to data analysis makes it easy to identify redundancies and weed out ineffective vendors.

We then had to figure out how to present this data in a way that would be simple concise, and most importantly accurate. The goal was to create a powerful interactive visualization platform that can be customized to incorporate nearly any type of vendor data set.

The Result:
CIO Heat Map and CMO Heat Map

Our beautiful visual Heat Maps present powerful, money-saving insights in real time. The VFE is equipped to handle billions of data inputs each day, synthesizing them into easy-to-comprehend tables to help you understand your company’s corporate spend.

The CIO Heat Map caters to the needs of IT executives, allowing them to group spend data against categories and vendors. The CMO Heat Map addresses the unique needs of MarTech professionals, allowing them to easily assess returns on vendor spend and make changes accordingly.