AI-Driven SaaS Solution to Reduce IT Spend

  • Optimize spend, fund innovation
  • Unmask reseller spend
  • Reveal rogue spend
  • Works with all financial systems
  • ROI in weeks, with no FTEs required
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“It took me over a year to build something that you implemented in a couple of weeks!”

“Drilling into true OEM spend - both direct and via resellers - provides a holistic view we have not been able to see before CXO Nexus.”

“CXO Nexus is a game-changer.”

“We’re now a trusted advisor giving actionable, data-driven insights to the business. We now have a seat at the table.”

“Seeing what was hidden in our reseller data showed me how to save millions quickly.”

“We now have the needed visibility to find optimization plays since our buying power is no longer diluted.”

"We can now course-correct and educate about the lost opportunities that Rogue Spend creates.”

Actual Customer Findings:

>10x ROI in 1 month

$197M in Hidden Spend Revealed

$750K Saved in 1 month

47% of IT Spend was Hidden

$101M in Hidden Spend Revealed

36% of IT Spend was Hidden

$132M of Hidden Spend Revealed

Optimize Spend. Reduce Costs. Fund Innovation.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning automate the cleansing, classifying & categorizing of vendor spend data.


No FTE’s or expensive consultants; works with all financial systems.


Automation delivers results in as few as 10 business days.

Intelligent Spend in Action

Learn more about how CXO Nexus is automating the cleansing, classification & categorization of Nasdaq’s vendor spend.


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