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We BUILD loyalty by delivering the most innovative, precise information that creates increasingly better value for our customers.

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CXO Nexus brings Visibility and Actionable Insights to what Global Enterprises are truly spending on their Vendors. There are multiple causes for distortions in a company’s ability to know what their vendor spend is: legacy financial systems, human error, the sheer volume of transactions, a complicated channel of Resellers and VARs that conceal actual spend on OEMs, to name a few. CXO Nexus delivers real-time, unbiased, AI-driven Visibility into true Vendor Spend, purpose-built for the C suite.

We are PASSIONATE about increasing the ability of organizational leaders to make informed decisions, accelerating their ability to act through prescriptive intel, reducing cost and risk to their company.

Large enterprises spend up to billions on Vendors, often more than 50% of their annual budgets. Enterprises leave a lot of money on the table and end up with poor negotiation leverage, redundant vendors and an inability to know when contracts expire.

We IMPROVE collaboration and enable customers to make meaningful, measurably impactful changes.

Lack of Vendor Spend visibility makes it impossible to negotiate from strength, identify compliance risk, and eliminate excess. Our Co-founder lived this PAIN while trying to shave 5-7% off the annual $800M spend with Information Technology (IT) Vendors at a Fortune 500 financial services firm. These challenges could not be solved at human scale.

We MEASURE our success through our customers’ advocacy, steadily increasing profitability, and our ability to build and retain a world class team.

A Real-Time SaaS Solution using augmented Machine Learning, we built CXO Nexus to solve that pain, agnostic to all data sources and CRM systems.

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The CXO Nexus team comes together with extensive market knowledge and thought leadership to create a long-term, evergreen solution that radically improves Enterprise Leadership’s ability to optimize their Vendor Spend in order to better invest in the future.


Ken Male


John Lark

President & COO

Barrington Young PHD

Chief Data Officer


Shelley Alger

VP Corporate Development