“It took me over a year to build something that you implemented in a couple of weeks!”

“Seeing what was hidden in our reseller data showed me how to save millions quickly.”

“We now have the needed visibility to find optimization plays, our buying power is no longer diluted. “

“We can now course-correct and educate about the lost opportunities that Rogue Spend creates.”

“Seeing what was hidden in our reseller data showed me how to save millions quickly.”

“CXO Nexus is a game-changer.”


“We’re now a trusted advisor giving actionable, data-driven insights to the business. We now have a seat at the table.”

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"Automating the visibility into our vendor spend, both direct and indirect, optimizes our cost structure. By ingesting data from multiple systems we have stakeholders spanning the entire organization all working off of CIO InCight. It has been a game changer."

Shawn Bennett Vice President Vendor & Asset Management


Reduce Carbon Footprint & Optimize Vendor Spend 

This month we feature how a client leverages their TruSpend® (direct + purchasing via resellers) on core IT Infrastructure to reduce both their Carbon footprint and spend.  

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Actual Customer Findings:

>10x ROI in 1 month

$197M in Hidden Spend Revealed

$750K Saved in 1 month

47% of IT Spend was Hidden

$101M in Hidden Spend Revealed

36% of IT Spend was Hidden

$132M of Hidden Spend Revealed

"With CIO InCight you have real dollar saves through cost optimization and cost avoidance"

Jim Dinan, Global Technology CFO


Download the CIO InCight™ Overview

CXO Nexus partners with Ingram Micro to deliver Cost Optimization solutions.

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Intelligent Spend in Action

Learn more about how CXO Nexus is automating the cleansing, classification & categorization of Nasdaq's vendor spend.

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Optimizing Vendor Relationships

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The Reseller Conundrum


Procurement Webinar

Contain Costs with Reliable Data

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Works with all ERP & financial systems

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Cost Optimization in IT Vendor Spend

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