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The Importance of Reliable Data to Contain Costs in Uncertain Economies

VSP Global and SAP Ariba partner, CXO Nexus discuss how to:

  • Transform existing financial systems data for real time visibility into vendor spend
  • Identify expense reduction targets in IT

"Prior to CXO Nexus our buying power was diluted and we lost opportunities to save. We now have the needed visibility to find optimization plays."


Greg Tennyson; VSP Global, Head of Global Corporate Services


Listen to the "Greatest Hits" from the webinar:  Scroll to the bottom for the full 30 minute replay

Making Your Financial Systems Data Actionable
A Single Source of Vendor Spend for Credibility
Connected Spend Data Drives Business Decisions
Solving for Maverick/Rogue/Unmanaged Spend
Eliminate Reseller Obfuscation for Spend Optimization
What is the Immediate ROI of CIO InCight™ ?  (audience question)
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Ken Male; CXO Nexus, Founder

Watch the complete webinar replay:

In today's turbulent economic times, the ability to leverage existing platforms to drive savings is key. And yet most business leaders are making important decisions based on unreliable data. Cleaning up spend data is a costly, complex, and time-consuming challenge. Limited visibility into accurate spend data hinders leadership's ability to capitalize on data-driven truths and insights.

Join this webinar to understand how to make important savings decisions smarter and the importance of having a reliable, shared source of spend data. Acting from trusted data provides the confidence to make swift, smart, informed business decisions.