Our founders, Ken Male and Theran Lee, created CXO Nexus to solve a costly pain point for large enterprises. The two brought their extensive, world-class experience, market knowledge and thought leadership together to design a long-term, evergreen solution that would radically improve Enterprise Leadership’s ability to optimize their Vendor Spend in order to better invest in the future. And the market is validating their vision.

Founder & CEO

Theran Lee
Founder & CTO

We MEASURE our success through our customers’ advocacy, steadily increasing profitability, and our ability to build and retain a world class team.

John Lindsay
Chief Financial Officer

Steve Hackenburg
Chief Development Officer

Shelley Alger
VP Corp Development

Barrington Young, Ph.D.
VP Data Sciene & Machine Learning

Leif Easterson
Global integration lead

Mohammad Falakmasir
Sr. Engineering Manager

Becky Klein PMP, CSM
Senior Project Manager

Sir Drafton
Senior Software Engineer

Vince Bio Pic

Vincent Totoro
Technology Finance

Irene Bykovsky
DevOps Engineer

bio pic

Gary Guan
Software Engineer

Suzanne Fava
Senior Designer, UI/UX

We’re a dynamic company looking for talented team members that enjoy solving problems and helping our customers achieve success while working remotely.

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