Cost Optimization / Quick Wins

Why IT Vendor Spend?

  • Large - often makes up more than 50% of annual IT budgets

  • Limited Visibility - Resellers can mask over 80% of OEM and Publisher Spend

  • Shadow Spend - Rogue & Business-Led is significant

Helping companies like see immediate results


Unmasking true OEM spend hidden by resellers


Leveraging new insights in vendor negotiations

Group 3

Optimizing vendors to reduce costs while meeting increasing demands

In 2 weeks, the difference will be in the data

Optimize Spend. Reduce Costs. Fund Innovation.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning automate the cleansing, classifying & categorizing of vendor spend data.


No FTE’s or expensive consultants; works with all financial systems.


Automation delivers results in as few as 10 business days.