May 2022

Reduce Carbon Footprint & Optimize Vendor Spend 

Fellow InCighters,

This month we feature how a client leverages their TruSpend® (direct + purchasing via resellers) on core IT Infrastructure to reduce both their Carbon footprint and spend.  

With CIO InCight™ the use of AI and Machine Learning automates the cleansing and categorization of Vendor Spend. A good use case that shows how the out of the box functionality was leveraged to deliver on the company's ESG mandate - while at the same time improving the P&L. 

The Category views highlighted from InCight Analyzer details OEM, Software Publisher and Service Provider spend on Compute, Storage and Data Center. It represented a significant spend not only with the vendors but also the power & cooling needed to support this footprint.  

InCight Analyzer - Category TruSpend Report

(note due to space constraints not all OEMs, Software Publishers and Service Providers for each Category are displayed and only one drill down on the Reseller Purchasing is detailed (Dell for Compute Spend). 

From the CFO of IT:

"We knew Infrastructure spend was high but never had a good view into it because of the volume of purchasing, buying the bulk of our Servers and Storage via resellers and inability to categorize the spend. The visibility CIO InCight provides changed all that in a matter of days. In 2019 the company made a big commitment to reduce our Carbon Footprint. We knew the Data Center and Infrastructure was where we could make a significant reduction. With InCight clearly delineating the Category, OEM and Service Provider spend, we created a consolidation strategy that included the use of the public cloud for IaaS."

From the CIO :

"The intuitive visibility that InCight Visualizer provides became a very powerful analytical tool to share with executive leadership to depict the positive impact IT was having on the corporate goal of reducing our carbon footprint. It was an added benefit to showcase how we also reduced our expense structure." 

InCight Visualizer – Storage Category OEM View

In this abstracted view of InCight Visualizer green denotes the decrease in year 2 spend for the on prem Storage vendors vs. year 1. We see a 35% decrease in Storage Category spend. The same views are available for Compute (21% decrease) and Data Center (15% decrease).

From the SVP of IT Infrastructure & Operations:

"InCight seamlessly tracks the expense reduction and vendor consolidation we deliver on. Stakeholders across the organization leverage InCight's treasure trove of data and appreciate the ease of use."

Use Case:

Hear Nasdaq discuss how CIO InCight Automates the Categorization of Vendor Spend.

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Leif Easterson
Global Head Customer Success

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